About Us

Cook Islands Trust Corporation Ltd was licensed as a trustee company in the Cook Islands in 1988. We are regulated by the Cook Islands Financial Supervisory Commission pursuant to the Trustee Companies Act 2014.
We specialize in the professional establishment and administration of family trusts, with a focus on asset protection, preservation of wealth, and succession planning. We also provide more typical offshore services to our international clientele including the establishment of LLCs and Captive Insurance Companies.

Corporate Policy

Our objective is to provide services at the highest level of professional and ethical standards. We pride ourselves for having a sterling reputation for professional integrity, probity and honesty, while remaining at all times staunch advocates for our clients.

Code of Conduct

We will work and act solely in the best interest of our clients.

We will assiduously avoid any conflict of interest with our clients. If any conflict of interest arises, we will immediately contact our clients.

We will provide realistic deadlines and we will meet them.

We will respond to all client requests and inquiries in a timely manner.

We will charge our clients fairly for our services.

We will deal with our clients with absolute honesty and integrity.