International Companies


Cook Islands International Companies

The Cook Islands International Companies Act 1981 (“ICA”) governs the formation and administration of international companies. 

International Companies must be incorporated through a licensed trustee company. Cook Islands Trust Corporation Ltd handles all aspects of incorporation, and provides ancillary company services. 


Some of the features of Cook Islands International Companies include:

  • No public record of shareholders or directors
  • Only one shareholder required
  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • Shares can take advantage of special asset protection provisions
  • Shareholders can agree to waive AGMs and appointment of an auditor
  • Only one director required
  • No requirement for Cook Islands resident director
  • Corporate Directors are permitted
  • Subject to the domestic tax regime in the Cook Islands

Tax Status

  • In order to meet EU & OECD requirements, all companies incorporated after 17th December 2019 are subject to tax in the Cook Islands on their income and dividend payments. This will not affect companies that earn no income, for example those simply holding ownership of a vessel without any commercial activity taking place, or a company acting purely as a nominee for another entity, with no income of its own.
  • All new companies will be required to register with the Cook Islands tax authority, obtain a tax ID number, and file tax returns and financial information annually.
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