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Asset Protection Trusts

A Cook Islands asset protection trust (APT) provides the highest level of security for personal assets. Those who may benefit from an APT include persons in occupations with high-risk of litigation (for example physicians and lawyers), business vendors (particularly those close to retirement), those with a high wealth profile, directors of public companies, and almost anyone who has saved a significant nest egg for their retirement.

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Limited Liability Companies

The Cook Islands Limited Liability Companies Act 2008 follows the model adopted in a number of U.S. States. It goes further, however, to give statutory certainty on several key issues of concern to US attorneys using domestic US LLC statutes. The Act also introduces several unique asset protection features, consistent with the approach taken by the Cook Islands in this area.

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The Cook Islands Foundations Act 2012 is a modern and innovative piece of legislation drawing from the experiences and features of foundation law in other financial centers. However it also adds the unique features of the Cook Islands specialist asset protection provisions to apply to foundations.

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International Business (Offshore) Companies

The Cook Islands International Companies Act 1981 (“ICA”) governs the formation and administration of international companies, otherwise known as IBC’s, Offshore Companies, or Offshore Corporations. The ICA allows companies to be formed and operated with both flexibility and administrative ease. From 18 December 2019 all new International companies are subject to the Cook Islands domestic tax regime, including company tax at 20%.

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Other Products & Services

Cook Islands Trust Corporation also provides a number of other products and services, including:

  • traditional and modern trust planning
  • private trustee companies
  • independent trust protector services
  • captive insurance companies

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